Is my personal information safe?

Here at Hashtag CV we take security very seriously, so much so that our system and business was built with this at the forefront of our decision making.

Our business and website adopts the following practices:

  • We use 256 bit encryption on all personal information which is transmitted over the internet, ensuring your data is protected every step of the way. 
  • Hashtag CV staff only have access to the data they need to complete the tasks they are asked to. No one at Hashtag CV will ever see or have access to your CV unless you send it to us yourself. 
  • Our data warehouses use redundant technology guaranteeing high levels of reliability. If one hardware component fails, another one takes over automatically.
  • We use sophisticated safety measures to provide you top levels of data security.
  • We don't hold any of your payment information, in fact we never get to see it. We use a third party to process all your payment information that are PCI-DSS compliant with PCI Level 1 compliance.

This is just some of the measures we take to protect you and your data.

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